Meine wechselnde Perspektive: Wertschätzung für die kleinen Dinge gewinnen.

  • I have an optimizer. The artwork of character that seeks the most efficient way to the destination. This life's perspective certainly has its advantages, at least for me, but a big disadvantage. Happiness is not prioritized. The goal replaces happiness and it becomes very easy to become unhappy in the pursuit of the goal. So I tried to change my perspective. Instead of the quickest direction to take the scenic course, and have recently begun to apply this to my time with GW2.

    With well over a thousand hours in GW2, I try to change my habits. Instead of signing up to do the most efficient things with my time, I'm just exploring Tyria. I spent two full days walking around Queensdale, and I'm shocked to see how much craftsmanship has been put into this world. Things that I never noticed and that I would never have noticed without slowing down to see them. The experience of conflict unbelievably enjoyable and I can not wait to explore the rest of this vast world. This post magazine may not appeal to many people, but if you see a little of yourself in me, then I encourage you to give it a try.

  • ich bin hier im deutschen Forum. Weil mir Englisch schwer fällt. Wenn ich in einem englischen Forum bin schreib ich dennoch nicht auf deutsch. Sondern investiere Zeit um in der entsprechenden Sprache meine Nachricht zu hinterlassen. Wenn du hier etwas zu sagen hast dann bitte auch in der Sprache des Forums.

  • This post magazine may not appeal to many people, but if you see a little of yourself in me, then I encourage you to give it a try.

    This is a German forum, sooo... (?)

    As for your post, if I was playing a MMO merely to appreciate its scenery, I would start to worry whether the game was actually worth my time, escpecially when it's of a genre that is not a walking simulator. ;) I could as well go outside and appreciate the real world's beauty instead.

    Yes, GW2 started out with lovely design work, but the game lost a lot of its appeal on its way since the early days - at some point, the designers seem to have lost their sense for it and started mixing art styles, genres and eras that don't go well together (in particular regarding weapons and armor/outfits). I wish they had stayed true to their original vision of Tyria.

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