They fixed the 'Guild Initiative Headquarters' glitch :(

Der große GW2Community-Adventskalender ist wieder da und hat zahlreiche Gewinne mitgebracht! Hast Du schon das heutige Türchen geöffnet?
  • Hello everyone,,

    So there is a glitch that would allow you to enter and explore the Guild Initiative Headquarters. There is a massive amount to explore, but it was cool nonetheless.

    However, this may happen, I left a Mesmer inside. He's still there and can be people in via portals and via Teleport To Friend.

    I'm looking for a look inside. I hate closed off buildings that have content, let me explore it all!

  • Hi!

    Welcome at our community Ricson ! :-)

    We appreciate your observation in GuildWars2 and note that the developers closed the issue with the Guild Initiative Headquarters.
    Please note that our german forum is „from fans for fans“.

    It's not allowed to exploit an known bug related to the official Terms of Service.

    Anyway, do you know that we organize a triple trouble also for English speaking players?

    Feel free to have a look at our calendar and search for "Triple Trouble (English)". Please be aware that the shown times are in Berlin time zone.

    Wish you a nice winter day


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